After 25 years of learning, using and teaching narrative ideas and practices, 

in this Summer School and Book 

I share with you the ways I speak about narrative therapy. 

I hope it is useful!

Narrative Therapy Summer School

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Two Islands and a Boat: Finding and Following a Vision

An easy to read and practical guide to maps of narrative practice.


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Donald's Story

Donald has worked for 30 years in schools as a teacher and counsellor alongside his private counselling practice. He works with young people, their families and adults, and offers supervision to counsellors and other helping agencies. Donald teaches Diploma, Degree and Masters of Counselling students, and facilitates counselling workshops on narrative therapy approaches to counselling.
 Donald was part of the Waikato University team which developed Restorative Conferencing as a means of reducing suspension rates in schools, and presented
restorative conferencing to schools throughout Auckland and Northland on behalf of the New Zealand Ministry of Education. Donald has held a Research Fellow role with Victoria University exploring restorative re-integration for people leaving prison.

In 2014 Donald completed a PhD (Waikato University) in counselling and narrative therapy practices focusing on alternative responses to exclusions for schools at times of trouble.

Donald is the author of a narrative therapy introduction text called Two Islands and a Boat: Finding and Following a Vision and presenter in the online Narrative Therapy Summer School.